Who We Are
Why We’re The Best
  • Escrow Specialists is a contract service company whose principal role is to act as a third party between a buyer and a seller when seller financing is involved. We act as an impartial party in collecting payments, amortizing, making disbursements, holding original documents and following the exact terms of the contract between the two parties.

    We provide monthly statements showing all current payments and updated balances, collect reserves for property taxes and insurance, all of which is included in our monthly fee. Lease-option and rent collection is another option provided by Escrow Specialists.

  • Escrow Specialists has been in business since 1981, which has given us the opportunity to be involved in almost every possible contract situation.

    Escrow Specialists sends a monthly statement to both parties which shows a current update of all balances.

    Escrow Specialists automatically sends out a late notice and assesses a late fee if an account becomes delinquent. The seller also receives a copy of this late notice.

Contract Servicing

  • Trust Deeds
  • All-Inclusive Trust Deeds
  • Lease-Option Agreements
  • Rent Collection
  • Promissory Notes

What We Include

  • 24 hour online account access
  • Direct deposit of distributions
  • Email notification of payments
  • Automatic payment withdrawls
  • Make payments online or by phone*